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frnmst/Franco Masotti b42604fa92 Added action defined icons to be shown with the notifications (manual needs to be corrected). 2016-02-23 00:12:01 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 37800bccbd Added icon variable. 2016-02-22 01:03:27 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 2e04d101e1 Corrected copyright dates and program version. 2016-01-26 19:20:02 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti bc96c7c8b5 Finished to add port option. 2015-12-26 15:42:33 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti ee8fd5fb55 Added execute permission to configuration directory because nothing worked without that. 2015-12-13 13:47:20 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 7ad97be742 Configuration form is now in a separate file and gets sourced from Added more comments. Added missing port options in 2015-12-13 13:10:38 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti cde9ccb16f Continuing to add port option in setup. Added debug option. Updated manuals. 2015-12-04 22:40:00 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti d3568e90b1 Started to add SSH port option in setup. 2015-12-02 23:05:30 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 566985dfc4 Solved bug in setup in the updateRepo function (in the setup). Even though not much serious (i.e. the merge between the local and remote repo was missed) I noticed it only now with the AUR package, after the update to version 0.3. 2015-11-16 00:45:20 +01:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 67aab49722 Fixed bug in src/ that killed the setup immediately on a fresh installation. Fixed macros. Added trap for SIGINT and SIGTERM in src/ so that CTRL+C gets detected. Enhanced status output. Fixed some comments. 2015-10-17 00:36:31 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 984ac013c3 Simpler getAddrByName function. With this update GNUpot will always try to connect to the server and not exit immediately if the first attempt fails. 2015-10-14 22:36:10 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 2cfe1ba72f Removed useless variables. Added Dbus enviornment update at startup to (surely) show notifications. 2015-10-12 19:28:11 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti b1f3a5bdc9 Fixed file lock check in src/ and src/ This avoids using pgrep -c. 2015-10-08 15:33:54 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 34e4610fe2 Simplified execSSHCmd function by forcing ssh pseudo-tty allocation. This makes sure that remote inotifywait quits when (local) gnupot is killed either manually or when computer is halted. For this reason inotifywait timeout is no longer necesssary. 2015-09-26 16:23:07 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti e378592420 Added timeout of remote inotifywait so that it hangs only for a certain amount of time and no need to make a remote fake commit.
Added function in src/ that is able to make a version update of GNUpot without having to clone your personal repo again (as happened until now). The only thing changed now is gnupot.config which gets overwritten with the new variables.
2015-09-25 18:39:46 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti dbfbb39f66 The git exclude variable bricked the setup. This variable has been forced with a default value so that the problem does not occur anymore. This is however a temporary solution. 2015-09-18 22:34:36 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 2d0173a2a3 Changed interpretation of one variable by using single instead of double quotation. Added loading of config file in setup if it exists. 2015-09-11 21:56:46 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 44fca79178 Small code fixes. Fixed conditions in two setup variables. 2015-09-11 21:35:06 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti a12f9bed3c Removed last commit (before program exit) and instead a file is touched and removed. This achieves the same effect.Added two variables useful when computer is suspended then resumed. These SSH variables infact recreate a new connection in particular situations (so no more program hangs). Updated manuals.Removed useless src/gnupot.config.example file. The same info can be optained from the manuals and src/configVariables.conf. 2015-08-28 12:35:17 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti a487a8cf2d Removed unnecessary local and remote home variables. Added option in setup that lets the user decide whether to backup or delete the already existing local directory. 2015-08-22 14:58:39 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti a4af202f4a Added git's HEAD check to avoid doing the user-added commit. Only 1 dummy commit (with no firstCommit file) is made when the repo is created and not each time the setup is executed. 2015-08-19 23:17:57 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 73c989cc11 Added -n switch in gnupot. To setup a new configuration: ./gnupot -n . The setup file cannot be run independently anymore. For this reason the setup link has been removed. Added a cross lock to avoid making a new setup while GNUpot is running. 2015-08-19 22:33:52 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti ca2c1a17e2 Added traffic control with trickle to avoid network congestion. Added upload and download variables. 2015-08-13 19:56:24 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti dcfe744500 Fixed inotifywait exclude file pattern. Added variable in setup form. 2015-08-12 14:25:09 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 0e74313980 Added local (per PC) gitignore rules. Updated example configuration file. 2015-08-04 15:42:58 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 5ff33458bd Added escape char interpretation in setup. Changed regex so that GNUpot works correctly on old systems with no hangs on termination. Fixed ssh exit command. 2015-08-01 13:16:15 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 94d4d69538 Added POSIX regexprs exclude file pattern matching. Changed commit message so that it contains the modified file. 2015-07-31 17:42:09 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 4110a5de23 Removed useless variable. 2015-07-30 19:39:01 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 1459d2f2ed Final commit is now faster because it uses the shared connection. Fixed a git command in the setup that prevented rebasing. 2015-07-30 19:23:36 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 5b764a0ee6 Solved inotifywait problem by making a fake commit at program exit. 2015-07-28 18:43:42 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 91cde7422d Added variable parser notice i.e if input variables are wrong a notice is shown. Code reorganized. 2015-07-26 23:22:10 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 3e9b927445 Removed ping dependency from setup. Fixed an issue in concerning source file variable. Fixed issue in execSSHCmd function that prevented automatical accepting remote host. 2015-07-26 20:23:22 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 538dd2bddd More fixes. 2015-07-23 19:22:28 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 20da7e666f Changed .firstCommit file creation into a fake commit. 2015-07-23 18:00:50 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 47b2f158f9 Created file with shared function. Code reviewed for fixes. 2015-07-22 20:03:44 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 87da8156cb Solved bug in setup which could prevent its completion under a different directory name. 2015-07-12 19:54:49 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 147b959545 Code and speed improvements. Updated 2015-06-30 16:15:21 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 0e2682d06b Code cleaned to adhere to shell POSIX standard. DNS updates are made only if SSH commands are unsuccessful. 2015-06-25 19:52:21 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 402d03ec32 Optimized and simplified code. Removed DNS update thread: DNS updates are made in a simpler way. Updated 2015-06-23 20:34:49 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti c9a4672214 Solved small issue in setup. Small code cleanup. 2015-06-22 00:35:13 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti e35f046007 Added startup sync. Added config file parsing function. Added thread to get server address updates regularly. General code cleanup. 2015-06-20 18:46:50 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 5a03791731 Solved serious bug in resolveConflicts(). Added important variables and cleaned code in setup. 2015-06-18 20:41:54 +02:00
frnmst/Franco 853ffc1a03 Fixed flock boilerplate problem. 2015-06-07 17:02:54 +02:00
frnmst/Franco e0fb558fd3 Fixed git info in setup. 2015-06-06 19:44:14 +02:00
franco 55b303d245 Code fixes. Added more checks for differents package versions. updated. 2015-06-06 19:39:36 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 91802e55d7 Added checks for old git versions. 2015-06-05 23:41:15 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 75616456be Fixed problem in IFS variable (on bash <=4.2). Fixed typo. 2015-06-05 18:50:13 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 5124bb290b Added SSH key management. Lots of code fixes. Updated 2015-06-05 15:40:51 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 4242fd78ec Fixed bugs in 2015-06-03 19:26:58 +02:00
frnmst/Franco Masotti 7ecf55ca63 Code fixes. Added external setup variables file. 2015-06-03 14:58:29 +02:00