A set of packages for various distributions that are able to build and install SWISH, Cplint on SWISH and an R environment
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# Project moved
- [https://software.franco.net.eu.org/frnmst-archives/swish-installer](https://software.franco.net.eu.org/frnmst-archives/swish-installer)
- personal instance
- see [this](https://software.franco.net.eu.org/frnmst/software.franco.net.eu.org/src/branch/master/privacy_policy.md#user-content-table-of-contents)
- [https://codeberg.org/frnmst-archives/swish-installer](https://codeberg.org/frnmst-archives/swish-installer)
- *Codeberg is a community-driven, non-profit software development platform operated by Codeberg e.V. and centered around Codeberg.org, a Gitea-based software forge.*
- they provide authentication with GitHub.com and GitLab.com
- [https://framagit.org/frnmst-archives/swish-installer](https://framagit.org/frnmst-archives/swish-installer)
- *Framasoft is a not-for-profit which can only keep running thanks to your donations.*
- they provide authentication with GitHub.com, GitLab.com and BitBucket