C and Python exercises related to "Algoritmi e strutture dati" course in UNIFE (University of Ferrara), year 2014-2016.
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C and Python exercises related to "Algoritmi e strutture dati" course in UNIFE (University of Ferrara), years 2014-2016.

What this repository is about

This repository is a collection of C and Python exercises you can freely use.

Fell free to contribute to this repository and enjoy :) .

##Repository cloning

Since libncc is used as a git submoudle for some exercises, the following command will clone everything needed:

$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/free-unife/algorithms-and-data-structures

Programming languages



Traditional Makefiles are available for some exercises. A list of the possible targets is given in a README.md file.


What you need is a compilant ANSI C99 compiler and bash to run the compile script like this:

$ cd src/<directory> && ./build.sh

An executable file called <directory>.o will be created in the src/<directory> directory.

If you have the program indent installed in your system, the files called by every build.sh will automatically be indented (and changed) with the options specified by the indentOptions variable in src/mainBuild.sh. Common programming mistakes and code errors are checked by the program splint. To use indent and splint you must add -i option after issuing build.sh, like this:

$ ./build.sh -i

Some exercises need gnuplot to be installed, otherwise no output is shown. Specifically the build files behave similarly to build.sh and they are called buildAndPlot.sh.




To execute python programs simply install python3 then run:

python <programName>



Covered arguments

Run: $ tree -d src/


Every file in this repository is covered by the WTFPL. We decided not to use the GPL because all these are implemetations of well known algorithms, so the copyleft clause and others clauses are not necessary here.